Sunday, 23 November 2008

Typography for Vietnamese teacher day

I love typography!!!
How can you deisgn without typography?Typography plays an important part in graphic design, and it is also an effective tool to send a visual message.
In my work, I use 12 px Verdana type with #404040 to illustrate the background and rotate all 45 degree. The continuance and movement of this work to make viewers pay more attention for them.
About the date of Vietnamese teacher day, I applied Korin font type and place this date in the center to catch the eyes of the viewers. Further more, I combined two letter 2 become one red heart which is symboled for the student's love for teachers.

Sunday, 2 November 2008


This is the first archive of my freelance job. I have designed a stationery including folder, letterhead and CD cover for a IT company. This company required an artwork with full of color and graphical element. I had to finish this assignment under hard pressure because the company want me complete it about 3 days. "What you think good is not good, what you think bad is no bad", I read this sentence for a long time in a design book and when I did that job, I know it is correct. My design was not good, and i think it will be rejected, however my client was happy. They said that they like the color I used and it looks like the electric light. It is so funny, because I never minded as well as thought like that. It is amazing.

Gestal exercise

Closure and Continuance.
In this work, I used the circle to make the closure elements.Furthermore, I applied the continuance principle to make viewers focus on the slogan.

Proximity touch.
These pictures get close enough they touch together and look seem stronger than they stand alone. This way release a stronger feeling rather than individual close picture.

Gestal exercise