Sunday, 11 January 2009

Vietnam Advertising Festival.

This even was celebrated from 18-12 to 20-12, unfortunately, i cannot participate on it. However, I still made a background to celebrate for this event.
My concept is very simple, when I placed the logo of this event in the center. In this case, I would like to make an image which can catch the eyes of the viewer as well as extremely impact, so that I used many colorful elements. In this assignment, layer style played an important role in my work, because I applied it for my logo and slogan. The effect of this layer style to make branding and slogan is stood out the rest of pictures. That's why, although, I used a lot of elements, the viewers still take the attention to the logo of the event.

Image Manipulation

This week is a very busy week, when I have two final exams behind my back. However, doing creative things is always my like, and I still try do them every week. In this time, I do a picture by mixing many elements that I can get free from the stock resource. I would like to create a picture which can reflect the digital age right now, when everyone owns at least one digital device. And then I choose a DVD player as a representation.
In this case, I used the elements including a rocker, a dancer, and a basketball player, and i combined them together to make an active, and amazing atmosphere. The images looked flat and fake is one of the most consideration in image manipulation, and shadow or reflection are the best way to fix this problem. In this situation, I used reflection. After combining all elements, I placed
them in the center to stand out them. Furthermore, about the background, I am very happy with it. I used mask effect for my background, and created the waves which is acted as analogue signal to get the movement effect.

Sunday, 4 January 2009

My Linh Dental Logo

This is the first time, I designed a commercial logo, so that I am very happy when my client accepted.
The requirement of the client is that the logo must be related to the occupation, high fine art, and it can help to popular the branding name.
My client's dental is named "My Linh", and my idea was started from the M and L character. I drew two characters as a tooth. Drawing is not my strength, and it was more hard to do with a mouse. However, I have a friend who has a 9x12 "Wacom Graphire 2" tablet which is one of my greatest wish, and I borrowed it during one week to finish this assignment. I set the M in organe and L in 50% black, but i don't like both of them. When I finished my artwork, I was very confused in using color for this logo, because I have not ever faced it yet. In the end, I use orange and 50% black, because I thought it would release a good combination. And in the below the logo, I placed the branding name and slogan which is meaned " Smile for life" in English.

Poster - Johnson&Johnson

That is the poster I made for the Johnson&Johnson Vietnam to advertise a product that protects and disinfects for medical equipments. There are three advantages in this product: fast, low temperature, and high user protection, and I depended on them to carry out my idea.
First of all, I set blue to my main color, because of its cool effect. This color made my design look bright, fresh, and full of vitality.
On the other hand, I placed the product among the green grass as well as set a strong beam light to apply dominance concept in this case. This effect will help to let the eyes of customer focus on the product instead of the other elements. And then in the second one, I apply the movement theory on it. The car went fast from the product, and I would like to use this thing to mention the unique advantage of it.