Sunday, 2 November 2008


This is the first archive of my freelance job. I have designed a stationery including folder, letterhead and CD cover for a IT company. This company required an artwork with full of color and graphical element. I had to finish this assignment under hard pressure because the company want me complete it about 3 days. "What you think good is not good, what you think bad is no bad", I read this sentence for a long time in a design book and when I did that job, I know it is correct. My design was not good, and i think it will be rejected, however my client was happy. They said that they like the color I used and it looks like the electric light. It is so funny, because I never minded as well as thought like that. It is amazing.

1 comment:

Ket said...

^^ I really like your design^^

In my opinion, I have to say that you impress me^^

The color, design, idea and your technique combine and make a great work.

Excellent job^^ Keep trying^^

PS: Even though your style and mine are different, U make me feel like " Wow, awesome >< don't want to lose him^^"