Saturday, 20 December 2008

Propaganda poster.

Vietnam is country where have a huge number of traffic accidents, and the number one reason is related to wine. In my design, I build up a wine bottle, and inside it I use the symbol of death and the word "Tai nan" (it means accident in English). I want to demonstrate the harm of wine that driver can be affected when they are driving after drinking.
In addiction, I use the arrows with the color are modified from black when it is inside the bottom of the bottle, and yellow when it is outside. I mean that when people live in wine; the world around them just a dark color and hopeless. And the only way to help their soul is that come out this part.
Furthermore, in this work, the bottle in the foreground, the road in the middle and the wheel is the background. I use this concept because I want to carry out the message that the accident does not come from the reason of traffic or road, however it will happen or not base on your behavior and awareness. Drinking is not bad, but it will be bad if you cannot control yourself .

Advertising for American Home

My work is a full-page color advertising in magazine for American Home who has wealth of experience in interior decor.The client's requirement of this work is how to convince the customer with product of American Home.
In this design, I applied the dominance concepts. The advertised product is placed in the center of space with a lager size rather than the other elements. This effect will let the customer's eyes focus on the product, as well as take more attention from them.
I separate my works to three columns, because I wanted to allocate my text clearly. Furthermore, I use the sans-serif typeface to make a stable and strong effect, and because i love the sans-serif font rather than any other fonts.
And finally, in this design, white space is very important. I want to make my design have a wide look and liberal outcome. In addiction, it helped me take the eyes of customer to the main product.

Sunday, 14 December 2008

Certificate of FV hospital

This is the certificate I have made for FV hospital. With the client's requirement, I used the light blue and green in all of these designs, and these two colors appear in its logo as well. In this work, I use the Century Gothic type face because I wanted to make the text look clear, friendly and formal. About the design, I use the normal shape to separate my works as well as to help viewers can distinguish where is the header, body of content and footer.
Futhermore, I place more white space. This effect will help my design get a liberal feeling as well as lots of space will help the letter and letter head look clear and lack of narrowness

Poster for a DJ club party!

DJ Spoonfed! This poster is a combination between text and a cool background. The typography "ICE ICE" character I used Century Gothic type with bold to make it feel strong and active. However, if i I just applied the normal text, it would look flat and unattractive. So that, I use Adobe Illustrator to create an 3D text, and the filter Extrude and Bevel will help you design the normal 3D text like any 3D design program.
After that I moved the text to Photoshop and use texture which I found from Stock Echange to made it like ice. About the light,it is the first time I used Light Effect filter and I am happy with the result. Light is very imprtant with design's works, because it will help my works more impressive and wealth of colors.

Poster for a DJ club party!

Sunday, 7 December 2008

Create a poster from basic material!!

I love photo manipulation because I can create many brilliant thins by combining some images together. In this work, I let brick, mask and texture work together to create an explosive effect, and these images can find easily in Furthermore, through this assignment, I know more how to use blending mode, masking and brush as well as how to aplly shadow. Shadow is one of the most important technique in image manipulation, because it helps the graphical elements more real and efficient to make a 3D feeling.
In image manipulation, brush and mask are very important tool. They allow I combine picture together realistic and better.

Fire Explosion!!!

Make a fire explosion is always an amazing work to me, and after learning how to control brush tool, I can create a realistic fire.
I take the "typo" in typography for may work, and first of all i use Bevel effect in Adobe Illustrator to make the word luck 3D style. After that, I copy it to Photoshop.
In this assignment, I know how to use mask to delete softly cloud as well as know to control the parameter of brush such as scatter and dynamic.
About the fire, it is the first time I apply warp in transform effect to arrange the fire and surround the text.
I have ever made fire many times in past, however in this time, i feel happy rather than past.