Saturday, 20 December 2008

Propaganda poster.

Vietnam is country where have a huge number of traffic accidents, and the number one reason is related to wine. In my design, I build up a wine bottle, and inside it I use the symbol of death and the word "Tai nan" (it means accident in English). I want to demonstrate the harm of wine that driver can be affected when they are driving after drinking.
In addiction, I use the arrows with the color are modified from black when it is inside the bottom of the bottle, and yellow when it is outside. I mean that when people live in wine; the world around them just a dark color and hopeless. And the only way to help their soul is that come out this part.
Furthermore, in this work, the bottle in the foreground, the road in the middle and the wheel is the background. I use this concept because I want to carry out the message that the accident does not come from the reason of traffic or road, however it will happen or not base on your behavior and awareness. Drinking is not bad, but it will be bad if you cannot control yourself .

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