Sunday, 14 December 2008

Poster for a DJ club party!

DJ Spoonfed! This poster is a combination between text and a cool background. The typography "ICE ICE" character I used Century Gothic type with bold to make it feel strong and active. However, if i I just applied the normal text, it would look flat and unattractive. So that, I use Adobe Illustrator to create an 3D text, and the filter Extrude and Bevel will help you design the normal 3D text like any 3D design program.
After that I moved the text to Photoshop and use texture which I found from Stock Echange to made it like ice. About the light,it is the first time I used Light Effect filter and I am happy with the result. Light is very imprtant with design's works, because it will help my works more impressive and wealth of colors.

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