Saturday, 20 December 2008

Advertising for American Home

My work is a full-page color advertising in magazine for American Home who has wealth of experience in interior decor.The client's requirement of this work is how to convince the customer with product of American Home.
In this design, I applied the dominance concepts. The advertised product is placed in the center of space with a lager size rather than the other elements. This effect will let the customer's eyes focus on the product, as well as take more attention from them.
I separate my works to three columns, because I wanted to allocate my text clearly. Furthermore, I use the sans-serif typeface to make a stable and strong effect, and because i love the sans-serif font rather than any other fonts.
And finally, in this design, white space is very important. I want to make my design have a wide look and liberal outcome. In addiction, it helped me take the eyes of customer to the main product.

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