Sunday, 4 January 2009

My Linh Dental Logo

This is the first time, I designed a commercial logo, so that I am very happy when my client accepted.
The requirement of the client is that the logo must be related to the occupation, high fine art, and it can help to popular the branding name.
My client's dental is named "My Linh", and my idea was started from the M and L character. I drew two characters as a tooth. Drawing is not my strength, and it was more hard to do with a mouse. However, I have a friend who has a 9x12 "Wacom Graphire 2" tablet which is one of my greatest wish, and I borrowed it during one week to finish this assignment. I set the M in organe and L in 50% black, but i don't like both of them. When I finished my artwork, I was very confused in using color for this logo, because I have not ever faced it yet. In the end, I use orange and 50% black, because I thought it would release a good combination. And in the below the logo, I placed the branding name and slogan which is meaned " Smile for life" in English.

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David Everitt-Carlson said...

This is just super! Using the M and the L to make a tooth worked out perfectly and your execution is simple and elegant. Try to keep this conceptual thinking in your other work. I didn't like the Vietnam Advertising Festival Logo so much because it lacked a central concept or strong idea. All the Photoshop in the world cannot make a strong image without a strong idea.